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Partnership with Shishukunj - Education and Health in the Jawadi Hills

The partnership with the Shishukunj has facilitated access to education and health care for tribal communities in the Jawadhi Hills. It has been an in-credible journey for the Seb’s Team to be a part of the development story of these communities.

Highlights of the project:

  • Antenatal and postnatal care availed by young women

  • Children being immunized regularly as per the schedule

  • Greater awareness among young mothers regarding nutrition for themselves and their children

  • Women choose to deliver in the PHC

  • Improved access to health services

  • Children who attend Balwadis are responsive to instruction and eager to learn. They seamlessly move into primary school and the parents keen to support their education.

  • Community has recognized the value of balwadis.

  • Visiting medical professionals have commented on the noticeable change in communities hygiene and acceptance of services in communities where Sebs has a presence.


The Balwadi/Preschool program in partnership with Shishukunj and Openworks Foundation addressed the Edu-cation as well as the health and nutritional needs of the children between 1 to 5 years. Over 65 percent of children are malnourished due to problems of low income, unemployment and lack of education of parents. This project helped to address these needs along with preventing school drop outs in future. A total of 60 children in both the centers were enrolled in the year 2016-17. There are several activities organized regularly at the Balwadi center aiming at a holistic development of children. The confidence and academic impact of these children is remarkable.

Seb's Project India Balwadi Hills

The children who moved from Balwadi to Class 1 at Seb’s school performed well in studies as well as settled down quickly into the school routine. Three monitoring sheets for age 2-3, 3-4 and 4-5 provided by ICDS (The Integrated Child Development Scheme) is used to record the performance and abilities of the children.

Monthly meetings were organized with Teachers to refresh and motivate them, interact with them and review Balwadi activities. The Balwadi teachers appointed from the community is the greatest strength to the program. The level of integration and the interaction with the community is made easier.


Seb's Trust Health in the Bawadi Hills

The nutritional needs of children were ad-dressed on a daily basis by providing healthy meals through a planned menu and the ICDS’s additional nutritional supplements.

In terms of partnership we are happy to say that the Primary Health Centre and the Christian Medical College and hospital have been a great support throughout this year. Regular health check ups was carried out in the Balwadis.

All the Pregnant women are registered with the Government for Ante natal care. Pregnant and lactating mothers do regular check up while the mobile unit visits our villages. Percentage of women preferring institutional deliveries has increased. Sebs also assisted the tribal new born babies to obtain birth certificates and a schedule for immunization. The District Integrated Child Development Depart-ment visited our Balwadi and are very appreciative of our intervention in the Jawadhi Hills. The Block Medical Officer did a master check of our children and was fully satisfied with the nutrition provided for the children and their health status. It is interesting to also note the involvement of our Balwadi teachers in facilitating health for pregnant and lactating mothers and providing health education.

Immunization Campaign

The project was started with the objective to facilitate immunization and reduce the malnutrition level among them. This was achieved by rolling the immunization schedule of the government. Measles and Rubella vaccination, Polio eradication campaign, Deworming tablets, Vita-min A and Iron tablet supplements have been provided for prevention of anemia, protection of eyesight and reducing infections among the children. Dengue fever awareness was given to the community. Many villages in Jawadhi hills had an epidemic of chicken pox. Seb’s communicated with the Odugathur Primary Health center and immediately mo-bile clinic visited the villages and treatment were given on the same day.

Periyapanapari village had a threat of bird flu infection. The situation was reported to the PHC and medical team visited the village and distributed preventive medicines. Our balwadi teacher and health worker administrated the medicines to all the students in school and balwadi for ten days. All our water points have been tested we have chlorinated all the overhead water tanks in our villages. We ap-proached the government to supply chlorine tablets. Our teachers have observed fewer children falling sick since the water has been made safe for drinking.

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