Anna Hunter


Anna Hunter was educated at a convent in Surrey and went on to study Economics and Politics at the University of Bristol. While there, Anna became interested in the improvement of social livelihoods amongst the most deprived. This interest was to become, together with her family, the focus of her life following the tragic death of her son Sebastian at the age of 18 in 2001.

Anna is the founder of Belgravia Gallery in London, which has been committed to raising funds for charitable projects through the sale of art for almost twenty-five years. The gallery, run by Anna and her daughter Laura, is located in the heart of London’s Mayfair neighbourhood, and has become synonymous with philanthropy, with a focus in one of India’s deprived rural communities, Tamil Nadu. The artists she has worked with the raise money for their charitable projects included HRH the Prince of Wales and Nelson Mandela, whose work was launched on Robben Island in his presence in 2003.