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Whilst many are flourishing in India's fast growing economy, there is a population of people living below the poverty line who remain untouched by the development that is happening around them. We have developed a number of initiatives to help those in need to build and sustain a livelihood.

 Goodbye to Paper 

There are many homeless people in Vellore who live on the pavements. They are the people who were never educated, and never given a chance to become a functioning part of the economic system. They were born on the pavements, and continue to live on the streets with their families, as will their children’s children.

Seb's Projects have worked with 10 of these men and women from the streets of Vellore for 2 years, teaching them lamp making and selling tables they produce. Today they are setting up individual businesses through microfinance, and becoming entrepreneurs instead of rag pickers, earning enough to support their families and keep a roof over the heads. Their hope? To say "Goodbye to Paper!. And so it begins!

Sebs Trust Goodbye to Paper Southern India NGO

Sustainable Livelihoods Project ​

Sebs Trust Jawadi Hills Livelihood Southern India NGO

Empowering women in communities at the bottom of the social spectrum is essential for India's poorest families to rise above the poverty line, as well as for building their own confidence in themselves.

Through the SLP a group of tribal women learn the skills of stitching and screen-printing re-usable bags. The bags are used for conferences, shops and even hospitals to replace plastic and the women pool their earnings for health and education expenses. We also run a project to provide poultry to families in our school areas, where they can start small businesses selling eggs to improve our students' nutrition.

The Eco Trail is a fun educational trail set in the heart of the stunning Jawadhi Hills. Guided and taught by local tribal women, students trek through the forest to their villages, where they learn about how to live in harmony with nature and promote sustainable development through fun, interactive workshops. 

Zaila Project

The Zaila Project teaches tribal women from remote communities in Jawadhi Hills the skills to make and market organic, handmade soaps from local materials in order to save money to fund the first generation of educated children in their community.

As well as building their skill capacity and financial capacity, the worth of teaching illiterate women the skills of running the business is absolutely priceless.

Sebs Trust Eco Trail Jawadi Hills Southern India NGO Zaila Soap
Sebs Trust Eco Trail Jawadi Hills Southern India NGO
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