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The Sebastian Hunter Memorial Trust reaches out to the poor and marginalised in Southern India. We strive to provide equal access to education, basic health and livelihood for all by actively engaging with individuals, society and government for effective changes through innovative approaches. 

Through our Education, Health and Livelihood programmes we have touched many lives and opened many windows of opportunity. We work with people and communities who are otherwise discriminated against, whose rights are denied and who have no access to many of the government schemes. Social exclusion has restricted communities' choice to participate in decisions that affect their lives. 

Seb's is all about giving them a voice and making their voices heard.  

I belong to the first batch of Seb's Primary School children from Thandayankotai. Today I have successfully completed by schooling. Looking back my education has changed my life in many ways. I feel confident and full of hope. My community looks up to me. I want to become a nurse and give back to my community.

Vaideeswari, sponsored by Seb's


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