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Seb's students pass entrance exam for Eklavya government model school

11 Seb's School students have qualified in the entrance exam for the Eklavya model school in Jammunamarthur of Thiruvanamallai district and will be admitted in sixth standard in June. We appreciate our teachers for their tireless efforts to prepare these students. The largest contingent of students who qualified were from Seb's school.

Seb’s tribal school encouraged and provided the opportunity for 29 fifth grade students to write the entrance exam for sixth standard admission. It was a great experience for our students. The Eklavya government model school provides scholarships for the complete school education and focuses on quality of education.

Special classes was organized for the students appearing for the exams. Palamarathukollai, Maruthavalimedu and Periyapanaparai students were gathered in Periyapanaparai School on the previous day (30/03/18) of the exam. Eight bikes were arranged to take 13 students and 4 parents from Palamarathukollai and Maruthavalimedu to Periyapanaparai School on the previous day. Periyapanaparai teacher Veliyan arranged lunch and dinner for all the 22 students, 4 parents and 4 teachers.

Students were given introduction about the model school and the entrance exam. Teachers explained the question paper pattern and tests were given on reading and writing. Model question paper was given to students for practice. Exam disciplinary activities was also taught to the students.

On 31/03/18 morning 6 am all the students were ready to go to Jammunarthur to write their exam. Two auto-rickshaw were arranged from Periyapanaparai for 22 students, 4 parents and 4 teachers and reached the model school by 9.20 am. 11 students, 2 parents and 2 teacher came from Kupsoor and Thaniyamarthur School directly to the exam center.

Students from other villages near Jammunamarthur and Palampattu also appeared for the entrance examination.Including Seb’s students there were 164 student and parents present on the day. The teachers were so excited to see the crowd. They were also proud that this is the first time students were appearing from Peenjamandi panchayat andall of them are Seb’s tribal school students.

At around 11 am the exam started and finished by 12.30. Practical exam started after the lunch break. Students were very happy and said it was a new experience for them and they wrote the exam well.

Feedback and analysis from teachers:

  •  Students' ability was tested. Students were able to understand their own capabilities.

  •  Students enjoyed as a one day tour and enjoyed the hail stone rain and was happy with the auto ride.

  •  All the parents should participate in future so thatthey will be aware of the student’s admission andother opportunities

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