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Anna and Laura's visit

November 2023: Trustees Anna and Laura spent a week in India visiting the projects.

Anna and Laura, together with Laura's daughter Ellie and her friend, Lauren, were excited to have the opportunity to visit Seb's Projects in India. Anna visited earlier this year, but Laura and Ellie had not been able to since Covid. They were astonished by the developments and number of people, children and adults, now benefitting from the projects.

Their first morning was spent meeting with the higher education students who are studying

degrees such as nursing and engineering. They are a humble group of young adults who seem greatly aware that they have been given this opportunity to change their lives and those of their families forever. One young man spoke of his childhood living on the streets, his mother was a ragpicker, and he now wants to help educate his siblings.

They visited Seb's School (the first school built by the trust) in Senji Mottur where the villagers gave a very warm welcome. In the 20 years since the trust started it has been remarkable to see how the village has flourished, particularly with the help of Seb’s School and the education it has provided to the children of the village.

They also spent a memorable day at The Sebastian Hunter Higher Secondary school where boys from very underprivileged backgrounds are educated and board. The children were enjoying the new computer facilities which were recently installed thanks to our kind donors. It was wonderful to see how excited they were to have visitors.

It was a busy but rewarding week – one of the days was spent visiting the remote tribal villages where the children are being offered the chance of an education for the first time. Anna and Laura were greeted with beautiful artworks and the children proudly danced and performed. It was a week filled with joy at seeing the happy faces of many, and feeling the love from all those who are benefitting from Seb's. We are so grateful for your support and helping us to make this all possible. There is still much to do!

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