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Higher Education Sponsorships

At Seb's we focus on school education, but over the years it has become increasingly apparent that there is also a need to support those young adults who want to go on to higher education once they leave school, and whose lives and those of their families will be transformed by this opportunity. By Western standards the higher education in India is not expensive but by Indian standards it can be impossible for families to afford.

We therefore have a scholarship programme where we select individuals we feel would benefit from a higher education. We currently have over 20 students enrolled in courses such as nursing, pharmaceuticals, mechanical engineering and computer science. The cost of this education is around £1750 per year for tuition and accomodation and courses are 3 - 4 years.

“Every young girl my age should have an opportunity to attend college. I have learnt so much in the past year from other students and more importantly learnt to interact with people in a new environment. This taught me how to care for myself and present myself building my own self confidence.” 

Thirumagal, studying a diploma in nursing

We have all noticed how these young people have grown hugely in confidence since starting their higher education studies and are determined to help others and make the most of their studies and opportunities.

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