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Important Health Work in the Bawaldi Hills

At Sebs we focus on school education, but health is becoming an increasingly important to all the work we do in the Bawaldi Hills. Since September 2017, two individuals in particular have been helping us to improve the health of the local population. Sulochana and Asodha, who completed their BSS Nursing (2 year course) in THI Sittilingi, belong to the local community and are gradually establishing primary health care along with the CHAD mobile services.Their presence appears to be making a palpable difference to the villages where they are working. We are now planning an incremental approach of developing this health work in more villages, based on a situation analysis involving the local community and other partners.

The villages in the Jawadhi hills are so remote, and there are hardly any roads for vehicles. The people have very little access to health care, which is compounded by a lack of awareness to reach out to a health centre. The infant and mother mortality rates are very high in comparison with the data available for Vellore District.

Childbirth is a particularly dangerous situation for the villagers, where emergency medical support is not available. Our health workers are working hard to educate the local population on hygienic delivery practices. They make sure that every pregnant woman is ready with a bag of necessary equipment, and also advise women on hygiene and nutrition. Sulochana and Asodha also advise pregnant villagers and their families to visit the nearest health centers for further health check-ups. As a result, many of these remote villagers have now started to give birth in hospitals. Our partnership with the CMC hospital allows the health workers and the hospital staff to share information about patients for follow-ups work.

Sulochana recalls an incident where she was instrumental in saving a young mother’s life. The CMC mobile clinic visits the villages and it is our health workers who mobilises the community for the clinic. Whilst pregnant, a villager named Saroja had her blood samples taken, which were later tested in the hospital. Her result shows a complication in her pregnancy. The doctors from the hospital called Sulochana through phone and explained the need for Saroja to visit the hospital. Sulochana rushed to Saroja’s village and explained the emergency situation, which lead to hospital treatment and a successful delivery. Both the mother and child are in good health.

Read Seb's Health Report 2018 for further details on the fantastic work of Sulochana and Asodha in the Jawadi Hills.

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