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A Fight for Life in the Jawadhi Hills

A young baby was born prematurely in the rural village of Periyapanapari. A very unfortunate and heartbreaking story, as the mother who was 19 years went into labour at 7 months in the middle of the night. Sadly the mother died in labour. After which the baby was taken care by his grandmother in the village. The weight of the baby was reducing gradually as there was no opportunity to provide alternative nutrition.

Seb’s Projects on hearing the condition of the baby intervened and made arrangements for the grandmother and the baby to be treated at the CMC CHAD hospital. The baby was admitted and incubated for 2 weeks and provided nutritional supplements. Within two weeks time the baby had shown improvement in health and the baby has been gaining weight. Now the baby is three months old and keeping well. Sebs continue to support the baby’s nutritional needs by buying a milking cow and calf . We hope it will become a livelihood opportunity for the family in the future.

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