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Health Awareness

In connection with HEAL, CMC Hospital doctor, Dr Archana, conducted health camps in the tribal areas of Karpanankollai, Jadayankollai, Attukondarai, and Pallumarathukollai in the Alleri area.

The team Dr Archana took out included two of Seb’s Projects local health and development workers, Srinivasan and Louise. The team visited 42 patients in small hamlets covering a 25 km radius. The patients visited suffer from a variety of illnesses, including cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and diabetes that have never been previously diagnosed or treated.

HEAL has helped to raise awareness in these rural areas, and there has been an increase in the villagers recognizing and seeking help for those who are sick.

A huge thanks to Mr. Kulasekaran of Sterkem Pharmaceuticals for generously donating monthly medicines to the camps.

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