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Two new children at the MBKG Orphanage

The MBKG orphanage has two new additions to their family, Pavithra and Roghan.

Pavithra’s mother committed suicide due to family problems leaving her six children with her illiterate husband who earns very little money. Pavithra is the youngest, at three years old and needed more care and attention. She was admitted to the nursery and goes to lower kindergarten.

Roghan has a similar story. He is four years old and also attends the lower kindergarten. Roghan has already impressed the teachers at the school with his ability to learn very quickly. He is very cheerful and friendly.

Pavithra and Roghan are two of the many children at MBKG who, as of yet, do not have sponsors. If you are interested in sponsoring a child please contact us or visit our donate page.

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