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Education Update

Teacher training, sports tournaments and new classrooms!

Sebs school for the academic year 2016-17 started in the month of June. Six primary schools and one middle school have a total strength of 299 students. 33 students were enrolled in class I and 14 students joined middle schools. The school is provided with necessary learning materials and sport’s equipment. Our school has completed two terms of this academic year. Children are performing well in studies. Uniforms and Identity cards were distributed to all our students. All our school students were provided with nutritious meal every day.

Before the start of the academic year, teachers were trained in CAMal (Combined Activities for Maximized Learning) teaching methodology. Following the training given by Pratham an NGO committed to improve quality and standard of education across the country. CAMal activities are carried out carefully in all of our schools. Initial assessment and group segregation based on performance was done at the start of the academic year. At the end of four months, remarkable improvement was seen in the reading skills of the students. There is a vast shift noted, where children have improved and moved to next level of achievement. Data’s are updated and followed regularly.

Adding to school education Sebs also initiated tutorial learning. Young people in the community are encouraged to complete the schooling. By this program young people will appear for exams and receive government certificates. This will help them to get skill training and job opportunities into the future.

Children’s day was celebrated on November 14th in all the villages. Students participated in fancy dress, dance and speech competitions. Three Seb’s schools together organized a sports day in Kupsoor village. Kho-Kho and kabadi tournament was organized.

Teachers participate in regular monthly meetings organized by the government. It is a district based meetings, where teacher share their experiences and innovative practices in teaching learning process. Teachers are also trained on activity based learning methodologies. We were able to meet the Chief education officer of the District and submitted records of six months school activities. Sebs also requested NRSCT approval for Dhaniyamarthur and Panangkateri School.

Seb’s school at Pallamarathukollai has a new look with the newly constructed class rooms which are spacious and well ventilated. We are thankful to Prayag an NGO for their initiative to build and paint the school building. The school looks colorful and appealing for the children. The school has become the centre for the community’s development.

This year also we are continuing to support our students with scholarships. Chellama has joined VHA Chennai Vadieeswari at Meenakshi College and Bhavani at Rainy Hospital are our new scholarship members for this year, pursuing their nursing courses.

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