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The Sebastian Hunter Memorial Trust projects published in Indian National Newspaper, the Hindu

“While even the urban areas that have power connection feel the pinch of the absence of electric supply when there is a power shutdown, one can imagine the plight of the villagers who do not have power connection at all. There are several tribal hill villages in Vellore district which do not have any access to electricity, resulting in the retardation of the development of the villages.

Realising the difficulties of the inhabitants of these villages, Friends of India-Chennai, a Swiss organisation partnered with Seb’s Projects India, a Vellore-based non-governmental organisation (NGO), had donated 70 solar powered lamps worth Rs.2,500 each to the tribal communities of Thattankuttai and Karpanankollai in Jawadhu Hills. Advitya Thapa, Operations Officer, Friends of India-Chennai distributed the lamps to the communities…” - Special Correspondent, May 2012

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