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Change Agent - Saraswathi

Seb's Projects India - Saraswathi

Saraswathi is our Balwadi teacher at Periya-panapari. She was a quiet, shy, soft spoken girl when she joined SEBS. Through these years she did a good job with the balwadi children in teaching as well as addressing health needs. She mobilizes the community during the mobile medical unit visits to the village. She under-stands the needs of the children and efficiently carries out all the activities of the Balwadi program. During the regular home visit she made good rapport with the people in the community and took time to educate young parents on issues relating to their children’s welfare.

Saraswathi’s journey as a Balwadi teacher and her achievement is truly commendable. The program motivated her to pursue a Diploma in Teacher Education and she was able to fund herself through this course. In her own words “Having a job and a steady income has helped me to achieve my dreams and make my own decisions”. Saraswathi is now a resource to the Periyapanapari village and parents/young people look up to her.

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