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Livelihood Update

Small business successes!

A small People’s Market shop was opened in Periyapanapari village to initiate economic activities in the community. The aim was to generate income to sustain the school program. The community is very happy with the shop. First of its kind!! We have recruited a young girl from the community as a volunteer to run the store.

This year's eco-trail programme went very well. Nine batches from different departments of Abdul Hakeem College participated. Though the programme started a month later due to weather condition, the participants were greatly benefited. Student’s participation and work of the women self-help group was highly appreciated.

This year the women’s group raised an income of Rs. 65,000 besides their daily wages of Rs 200 per individual per day. Many individuals in the community earned money by selling fruits which they harvested which added to their livelihoods. It was interesting to witness the ability of women to plan and think of opportunities to do small businesses.

Soap making: Self-help group women made 700 soaps and sold for Rs. 21,100. Special order for a wedding souvenor for small soap was made for Rs. 10,000. Women from Periyathatankotai village were also trained soap making. They made 500 soaps which is ready for sales.

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