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Zaila: Handmade Soaps

Zaila are handmade organic soaps, made by the women of the Malayali Tribe, in the Jawadhi Hills, as part of the Seb’s Projects India’s Sustainable Livelihoods Program.

Using carefully selected ingredients combined with tradition practices and knowledge, these soaps have provided employment and a sustainable income for over twenty families in the village of Thandayankottai.

The Soaps are popular in the Vellore region, particularly amongst the CMC community, where it is sold. To learn more about the soaps and the Zaila project, please click here.

Soaps sell for 50p for 75g or £1 for 150g, plus shipping costs. All profits go directly to the women of the Jawadhi Hills tribal communities who participate. Please contact us for ordering information.

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