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New Tribal School at Palamarathukollai

We're happy to announce a brand new Seb School at Palamarathukollai village in the Jawadi Hills. After meeting the Seb's team and learning about our projects at a conference, a group of young Indians visited the school at Palamarathukollai village.

It was very dilapidated and the group were moved by the students and community. This group is called Prayag. They raised money among themselves and spent £3000 to build this beautiful structure, then 20 members of the group came all the way from Chennai to paint the school. They were really happy with the construction and have promised to do more for our schools.

If you would like to donate funds towards a new school, have a fundraising idea or would like to volunteer in the Jawadi Hills to see our projects at work - please get in touch.

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