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Humanitarian Clowns Abroad

Seb’s Projects India has partnered with the Humanitarian Clowns Abroad to organise a huge event for next September. Twenty clowns from across the world will be coming to Vellore to visit CMC Hospital wards, CHAD and RUHSA community hospitals, slums, tribal villages, colleges who have partnered with the Eco Trail project, DREAM project Schools, Seb’s Schools, MBKG Orphanage and the government orphanage.

Humanitarian Clowns Abroad is a wonderful organisation of clowns from across the world who go to developing and war torn countries to bring smiles and laughter to those who are struggling. The founder was a volunteer on our Eco Trail Project in 2008, and has been a wonderful supporter of our work since.

Seb’s Projects India will be hosting the clowns and doing orientation/support as well as providing guides for them as they go from show to show. We are hoping this will bring a lot of support and publicity to Seb’s Projects, and the clowns are hoping to donate at least 3000 Australian dollars from their project money to Seb’s Projects India programs after they leave.

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